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Carleton University
LAWS 2302

Final criminal law exam practice test1There are three ways in which the criminal law attaches liability under s211 Which of the following is not one of these waysaIf the individual commits a crimebIf the individual utters a threatcIf the individual aids the crimedIf the individual abets the crime2Misprision used to be a common law crime for doing whataProviding materials for a crimebPutting an innocent man in jailcLying while under oathdOverhearing a crime3In the case of Kulbacki Manitoba CA 1966 a 16 year old drove over 90miles over unimproved highway while K was in the vehicle Which if any of the following offences was K chargedaHe was acquittedbUnder s 211a for committing the crimecUnder s 211b for aiding the crimedUnder s 21 1c for abetting the crime4As we can see in Saljko Ontario CA 1970 there is always a question ofwhen attaching liabilityaForeseeabilitybProximitycInvolvementdHarm5In Henderson SCC 1948 there was an intention to rob the bank an intention to resist arrest but why was H not guilty of an attemptaH was not of sound mindbH did not go beyond mere preparationcH did not conspire with the othersdH did not himself kill any officers6When it comes to Duresscompulsion under s17 what is the proposed excusea The excuse is weaknessb The excuse is irrational persuationc The excuse is human frailtyd There is no excuse for duresscompulsion7Why did necessity not work in DudleyStevensaBecause it is strictly private lawbBecause you cannot put value on a persons lifecBecause the harm you do must be worse than the harm you preventdBecause there was no absence of mens rea8When entrapment is found to exist what is the remedy imposed by the court aFull acquittalbStay of proceedingscGuilty verdictdA conditional discharge9Which of the following would not aid a defense of incapacityaI was provoked
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