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January 28th Law notes.odt

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Carleton University
LAWS 2302

thLaw NotesJanuary 28 2013Chapter 6Offences Mens rea and Actus Reus must be proben beyond a reasonable doubt He who asserts must proveActus Reus can be prohibited act or act of omissionAct of Omission breaking legal requirements or expectations such as not giving the necessities of life to your children Mike recommended that for the midterm we need to know Jurisdiction Level of Court and year of each case in chapters 5 and 6 Chapter 6Criminal Law LiabilityRegina vs Jordan 1956Jordan stabbed Beaumont who later died in the hospital but not due directly to the stab wound The doctors prescribed antibiotics which Beaumont had a negative reaction to and later died This was considered a significant intervening act breaking causation and therefore the actus reus was unable to be attributed to Jordan Appeal allowed and conviction quashed Regina vs Smith 1959A man named Creed was stabbed by Smith with a bayonet in the back which unknowingly pierced his lunch Two hours after the incident Pvt Creed succumed to his wounds and died However during the 2 hours following the fight Creed was dropped twivce while being transported to the medical station and given improper treatment
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