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CLASS 4LAWS 2501 Wednesday October 9 2013English law replaces French law British took over and passed the French Quebec Act 1774Property and civil rights oBoundaries of Quebec get redrawn to make it biggerToleration of Roman Catholicism Upper Canada Ontario mainly English speaking Lower Canada Quebec mainly French speaking Just because you create and elected assembly doesnt mean it will be followedoCould just ignore it oCreated tension between French Canada and the British government Papineau political leadero92 resolutions to the crown asked for reform oTook 3 years to answer from the crown oAnswer was nooNo room for negotiation Rebellion breaks out in 1837300 French Canadians killedChurch sides with the crown said it was a sin to challenge authorityDemonstrates loyalty to the crown 1960s The quiet revolutionChurch loses its influence Durham Report Enquire into what went wrong and how we can avid it Wanted to force a union between both canadasPurpose making an English province that should only be placed in English handsEnglish control How he views of avoiding conflict British pass the Act of union united province of Canada Canada eastQuebec and Canada west OntarioUnited province of Canada When merging political territories you merge the debt Ontario has a huge debt Quebec had a small debt More people in Quebec getting less representatives and getting debt Official language would be EnglishCreated some problems Reason for Confederation Have a political deadlock Representation of population they are being underrepresentedDeadlock leads to an interesting approach when the constitution is being created Deadlock gets replaced by federalism If you cant agree on what you want federalism makes it so they dont have to agree
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