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International Law and Developing World A Millennial Analysis1The article entitled International Law and Developing World A Millennial Analysis seeks to proliferate knowledge about international law In this the author Justice Christopher G Weeramantry purports to offer up a nonwestern idealization of international law but instead he looks to amalgamate various outlooks from different historical cultures derived from the Third World In his article Weeramantry sets out to help the reader realize that international law did not derive from one culture but instead many He notes that unless the problems pertaining to the Third World are not fixed that international law will not be able to deliver what is expected and will therefore not be universal law His view is that the idea of international law needs to be essentially reinvented In its reinvention it needs to be multifaceted in the way of taking different cultural historical literatures into account His reason for this is that these literatures contain legal perspectives that have been practiced and have worked successfully for thousands of years Weeramantry hopes that international lawyers today can take international law out of the shadow of monoculturalism With that being said he is not saying that international law is entirely monocultural however he is saying that is what it is perceived to be He provides proof for this by referencing Arab jurists who lived 800 years before Hugo Grotius and how they 2had composed treaties on what we would today call international law Some of these included treatment of diplomats and treatments of prisoners of war Finally he points out that international law is not to be a form subjugation but rather an instrument of international equalityOne course theme that was identified in the preceding summary of the article Internal 3Law
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