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LAWS 3306 Final: Youth and Criminal Law Exam Review

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LAWS 3306
Christopher Mc Naught

Youth and Criminal Law Exam Review What are principals of the YCJA? Protect the public Separate from adults Fair + proportionate (gender specific ect) Special considerations (inform parents ect) Principles of the YOA? Put in custody (closed open) Alternative measures, extrajudicial sanctions, rights based with charter Principles of JDA Broad discretion to crownjudge Omar Khadr Family was Jihad Canadian convicted of murder (grenade in Afghan) Plea guilty serve sentence in Canada Sentencing principals: DETERENCE Specific punish the individual General show the world not to do that Sentencing principles: DENUNCIATION Idea of revenge Used in serious violent crimes Harsh sentences for such crimes Constable Forcible (denunciation) Attempted murder 3 shots deemed acceptable (not the ones after he had fallen) 2nd degree murder (life), manslaughter, attempted murder Victim was on suicide by cops website Sentencing principles: restorative justice diversion 1st nations principle of healing Heal victim help offender as well Break the vicim cycles family feuds Heal community Sentencing principles: Rehabilitation Reintegration Part of sentence served in community 23 of sentence Conditions curfews meetings with P.O 1
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