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Lecture 1 Law State Social GoalsTechniquesKey TermsWhat is society According to whom 2 a human group with common rules of conductConcepts of state4 collective action protecting private rights esp property citizen control and equalityFunction of governmentinternal law order external protection certain public projects if gov can do this sovereign mortal God dies accord HobbesAuthorityLegitimacyauthority right to command legitimacyprinciple of effectiveness belief in rightness of govPolitics in lawKelsen law is a coercive orderthe stateLawthe stateLaw v Moralitylaw is enforced morality is not as easily enforceableNatural law vs Legal Positivismnatural lawtrue lawright reason accord Cecero 3 elements universalunchanging higher lawdiscoverable by reason Positivists do not judge laws by questions of justice or humanity but merely by the ways in which the laws have been created Public v Private lawpublic state vs individual private individual vs individualLecture 2 Administrative Law Structure and ActionKey TermsJudicial activityjudicial reviewAdministrative lawRelates to the administrative process which encompasses all bodies exercising lawful powers on behalf of the stateoMandatesStatutory process which delegates powers to another entityoValues and interestsAdministrative tribunalsoRole authority legitimacyFunctions of legislature v ExecutiveJudiciary functionsEvaluating the JudiciaryoStrengthsweaknessesLecture 3 Nonjudicialjudicial controlKey Terms
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