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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
MAAE 2202
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1MECHANICS OF MATERIALS REVIEWNotationsnormal stress psi or PanPoissons ratiot shear stress psi or Paacoefficient of thermal expansionF or Cenormal strain inin or mmMbending moment in beamsshearing strain inin or mm44Ttorque in shaftsIarea moment of inertia in or mDTtemperature change EF or ECJpolar area moment 44of inertia in or mhphorsepower 1 hp550 ftlbsecNrevolutions per minuteFSfactor of safetyEmodulus of elasticity psi or PaeaDTthermal straintGmodulus of rigidity psi or PaSection 1IntroductionaStress force per unit area acting on a planeNormal stress s force acts perpendicular to the planeShear stress t force acts parallel to the planebStraindeformation per unit length of dimensionNormal strain e stretches or compresses materialShear strainchanges the angle between lines within the materialcAverage Shear Stress in Fastenerst Single ShearVShear force on pinVPACross sectional area of pinDouble ShearVdBearing Stress in Fasteners sPforceddiameter of fastenertthickness of part0711142Section 2Axial LoadingaAxial relationshipsIf the line of action of the load P passes through the centroid of the resisting crosssectionPstressaxialsAdstrainaxialeLIf the material is also linear thensLawsHookeUniaxialeEWhere E is the modulus of elasticity for the materialThe relationship between axial loading and deformation becomesLPndeformatioaxialdEAbStatically Determinate MembersStatic EquilibriumSF0FFFF1234Internal ForcesPF TensionAB1PFF TensionBC12PFFF TensionCD123Deformation ADABBCCDSince the Ps were assumed in tension negative values will indicate compression and contraction for the deformation rather than elongationThermal DeformationthermalTLDadABABABThermal deformation may be added to any mechanical deformation caused by internal forces acting on the material to obtain a total deformation071114
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