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Experiment 1 Flow through a Venturi MeterSummaryThe pressure changes along a linearly deformed throat were measured as a function of the change of height in an array of monometers Performing the experiment at two arbitrary speeds showed the pressure change was directly related to the cross sectional area of the Venturi Meter the data points forming the same curve offset only by the relative vacuum powers the experiment was performed at Two Venturi Coefficients were calculated at 096 and 097 respectively Using the corrected flow rates the static pressure in the Venturi tube was plotted and compared with the initial calculated static pressure without a corrected flow rate and found to be most accurate at either end of the throat differing by a larger amount near the throat of the Venturi Meter Thus it can be assumed that the noslip condition of fluid flow has a greater effect within the smaller area presented by the Venturi Meters throatNomenclaturePAtmospheric Pressure usually in Pascals101325 Pa Supplied in LabatmPStatic Pressure in PascalsstaticPDynamic Pressure in Pascalsdyn33 Density of Air in kgm1225kgm 1air 33Density of Water in kgm1000 kgm 2waterV Venturi Coefficient Found by comparing the ideal and actual volume flow ratesc3Q Ideal Volume Flow Rate in msideal 3QActual Volume Flow Rate in msactual hHeight of fluid in monometer tube open to atmosphere in metresatmhHeight of fluid in monometer tube at point the tap is connected along Venturi in metresstaticFlow AnalysisThis Lab consisted of Rearranging Bernoullis equation within a Venturi Meter and thus the initial equation that we started with is Bernoullis base equation eq 11122PVgzPVgz11122222Bernoullis equation can only be applied when fluid flow is assumed to be incompressible inviscid frictionless and along a streamline Knowing this and assuming point 2 is far enough away from the bell mouthed Venturi as to have no velocity and be at standard air pressure Bernoullis equation can be rearranged to find the velocity of air in the Venturi Meter
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