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MUSI 1001

Chapter 18Theme and Variations a musical form in which a theme continually returns but is varied by changing the notes of the melody the harmony the rhythm or some other feature of the musicRondo an ancient musical form surviving into the twentieth century in which a refrain alternates with contrasting materialFinale the last movement in a multimovement composition one that usually works to a climax and conclusionKochel Number the numbering system that arranges Mozarts compositions in approximate chronological orderChapter 19Sinfonia a onemovement orchestral work in three sections fastslowthat originated in Italy as an overture to seventeenth century operasSymphony a genre of instrumental music for orchestra consisting of several movements also the orchestral ensemble that plays this genreString quartet a standard instrumental ensemble for chamber music consisting of a first and second violin a viola and cello also a genre of music usually in three of four movements composed for this ensembleScherzo a rapid jovial work in triple meter often used in place of the minuet as the third movement in a string quartet or symphonySonata Originally something sounded on an instrument as opposed to something sung a cantata later a multimovement work for solo instruments or instrument with keyboard accompanimentSolo concerto a concerto in which an orchestra and a single performer in turn present and develop the musical material in the spirit of harmonious competitionDouble exposition form a form originating in the concerto of the Classical period in which first the orchestra and then the soloist present the primary thematic materialCadenza a showy passage for the soloist appearing near the end of the movement in a concerto it incorporates rapid runs arpeggios and snippets of previously heard themes
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