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Carleton University
MUSI 1001

MUSI 1001aLecture 9Robert Schumann Dedication from Myrten New CD 21From a song cycle written the year after his marriage to Clara WeickLoveoriented text is much more typical of the romantic period than the bizarre imagery of the SchubertComplex piano accompaniment vocal texture similar to ErlkingThroughcomposedEarly Romantic Music Program MusicThe Romantic OrchestraEnsemble increased in size to 100 musiciansWoodwindsoNew fingering mechanisms developed that made instruments easier to playoWood flute replaced by a silver instrumentoPiccolo English horn and contrabassoon frequently includedBrassesoOrchestra now includes full brass sectionoValves added to the French horn and trumpetoFrench hornEspecially favoured for its rich dark toneAssociated with nature and the huntPercussion a standard featureThe ConductoroAn enlarged ensemble required someone to coordinate the combined effortoPosition evolved from timebeater into elite interpreterOrchestra size increases because of doubling and new performers on percussionProgram MusicDefinitionoInstrumental music usually for symphony orchestraoSeeks to recreate in sound the events and emotions portrayed in some extramusical sourcea story a play an historical event an encounter with nature or even a paintingEvoke particular feelings and associationsHighly TopicaloLyrical melody may suggest loveoDissonance a sense of conflictoTrumpet calls the arrival of a herooMusical gestures can be put together to suggest a sequence of eventsAbsolute musicoInstrumental music free of a text or any preexisting programoThe opposite of program musicGenres of Program Music
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