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Key Terms Chapters 17-32

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MUSI 1001
Deepthi Kamawar

MUSI1001AKeywordListsforChapters1732Chapter17ClassicalGenresVocalMusicvocal ensemble in opera a group of four or more solo singers usually the principalsSingspielsingingplayingermanAmusicalcomedyoriginatinginGermanywithspokendialoguetunefulsongsandtopicalhumourdiminished chord a triad or seventh made up entirely of minor thirds and producing a tense unstable soundChapter18BeethovenBridgetoRomanticismPathtique Sonata one of Beethovens most celebrated compositions for pianosomething akin to Beethovens last will and testament written in Heiligenstadt Testament despair when he recognized that he would ultimately suffer a total loss of hearing Named after the Viennese suburb in which he penned itheroic period middle period a period in Beethovens compositional career 18031813 during which he wrote longer works incorporating broad gestures grand climaxes and triadic triumphant themesEroica Heroic Symphony Beethovens symphony 3 originally dedicated to Napoleon but published as the Heroic symphony Scherzo Italian for joke A rapid jovial work in triple metre often used in place of the minuet as the third movement in a string quartet or symphony OdetoJoyAndieFreudebyFriedrichvonSchillersettomusicbyBeethovenasahymninhonourofuniversalbrotherhoodandusedinthefinaleofSymph9Chapter19Romanticism18201900Canon chromatic harmony harmony utilizing chords built on the five chromatic notes of the scale in addition to the seven diatonic ones Produces rich harmony RubatoItalianforrobbedInmusicalnotationatempomarkindicatingthattheperformermaytakeorstealgreatlibertieswithtempocharacter piece a brief instrumental work seeking to capture a single mood A genre much favoured by composers of the Romantic era Virtuoso an instrumentalist or singer with a highly developed technical facility Chapter20RomanticMusicTheArtSongart song a genre of song for voice and piano accompaniment with high artistic aspirations Liedpl Lieder german for song The genre of art song for voice and piano accompaniment that originated in Germany circa 1800Schubertiad a social gathering for music and poetry that featured the songs and piano mmusic of Franz Schubert song cycle a collection of several songs united by a common textual theme or literary ideaballad a vivid story told alternately in narrative verse and dramatic dialoguethroughcomposed a term used to describe music that exhibits no obvious repetitions or overt musical form from beginning to endstrophic form a musical form often used in setting a strophic or stanzaic text such as a hymn or carol The music is repeated anew for each successive strophe
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