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Key Terms Chapters 1-3

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MUSI 1001
Deepthi Kamawar

MUSI1001aKeywordListsforChapters13ChapterOneThePowerofMusicMusic the rational organization of sounds and silences passing through time Tones are arranged consistently logically and pleasingly before we can refer to it as more than just noise popular music composed in a style most want to hear CDs outsell classical 201 Musicians CAN be as talented as classical musicians Michael Angelo Batio Thought to not possess multiple levels of musical activity Does not reward active listening classical music also called art or serious music Subtle qualities of expression proportion balance Multiple levels of musical activity ACTIVE LISTENING Canon was between 17001900 composed by Euros and Russians Canon the body of classical music that has been ththapproved by everyone Ex Beethovens 5 or 9 Motive A short distinctivemusical unit that can stand by itself Ex The beginning of thBeethovens 5 Dun Dun Dun DunnnnnnnnnChapterTwoRhythmMelodyandHarmonyBeat Basic pulse of music A regularly recurring sound that divides the passing of time into equal unitsTempo the speed at which the beat sounds Some are fast allegro and some are slow lentoRitard ritardando a slowing down of the music Accelerando would be a speeding up of the music Downbeat The first beat of every measure Gets the greatest accent Accent stress on a note Several different kinds Meter organization of beats into groups mea
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