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MUSI 1002
Alyssa Woods

chapter 5 Popular music text text is any form of media that is selfcontained and conveys cultural meaning includes recordings album covers music videos live performancetextual analysis concerned with identifying and analyzing formal qualities of texts structures and characteristicsintertextuality text only conveys meaning when situated in relation other texts songs meaning not definite contesxts plays huge role how meanings interpreted cultural meanings made by consumersthree forms text graphic musical and video graphic texts concert posters street flyrics tshirts packaging of albums contribute to advertising brandingmusical texts includes study of both music and lyrics analysis tensions in the field of musicology musical context best undestood when analyzed in social context lyrics analysis content analysis deals with subject mattermusic video music videos are promotional devicespreoccupation with visual stylevideos abolish traditional boundaries between image and its reallife referentChapter 8Genres a category or typeorganizing elementmusical characteristicstime periodsusestypes of listeners defined by distinctions made by music industry Genres standardize codes and conventions musical lyric visual ideologicalcodes are fluidDimensions of popular music gengresplaced in context of historical roots and social context stylistic traits in the musicnonmusical stylistic traitsprimary audiencethe styles durabilityMetagenresGenresSubgenres Sampling copyright
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