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MUSIMar20PoliticsPicking up where we left off on Friday fundraising through music We are the worldWatching We are the world for HaitiCriticism selfpromotion for the artists and Eurocentric specially in the 90sThis video at least features some images from Haiti but it still is about selfpromotionThe focus on the artists though is to bring peoples attention and make them donate moneySchuker talks on the reading that in spite of all the criticism funds are raised and people are helpedWatching Waving flagyoung artists for HaitiThis video looks less commercial although it is still commercialHowever this video is very similar to the other oneWe talked at the beginning of the semester about 3 aspects of politics in pop music one of them is censorship check slides from the first half of semesterCase Study the Dixie Chicks controversy2003 Dixie Chicks were considered to be the typical American girls They had a song about a girl who misses her boyfriend cause he is in the Vietnam warSong is calle
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