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thMusi 1002 Issues in Popular Music Jan 11 2013Notes on ReadinOn Popular Music in Advertising David Allan httpwwwpopularmusicologyonlinecomissues01allan01htmlBackgroundPopular music is growing each year in advertisingMsuic brings relevance to consumersacross boundaries whether ethnic geographic or ageUtilize music think they can reach a wider audience commercials are making superstar bands ever richer and turning unknown acts into the next big thingAdorno and Cultural TheorySuggest pop music in advertising the culture industry was in control not the customerAdorno further argued that the Marxist principle of commodity fetishism was how cultural forms secure the control of capital through economic political and ideological means According to him it also shapes the tastes and preferences of the masses It creates false needs prohibits alternative ways of thinking and does all this without people realizing itThe basis of Adornos critical analysis of popular music centered on the premise that popular music was not serious music because it was standardized and pseudoindividualizedPopular Music Not Serious Musicclassical music was serious music where every detail derives its musical sense from the concrete totality of the pieceStandardization and Pseudoindividualizationstandardization defines the way the culture industry squeezes out any kind of challenge originality authenticity or intellectual stimulation from the music it produces
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