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Carleton University
MUSI 2007
William Echard

Mostly US litte bit about UKpre 1945 Angloamerican fold balads delta blues tin pan alley pop early country music rhythm and bluesPUNKhistorical phases Important ancestorswerent punk but they led to the creation of it new york city punk 19745 London Punk 19767 The american independent network 1980 punk began new york city new york and san francisco thought each other sucked san fran thought new york cold cynical new york thought san fran unskilled naive but both exploring Andy warhol and velvet underground most important in 1960s for punk in new york warhol big in pop art his paintings resembled f u world a lot of people hung out at the studio druggies transvestites Velvet underground lou reed John Cale experimental type so attracted to NYC Warhol produced VU first album repetive beats simple not the most skillful musicians socially awkward anticonformist talking about beign gay in im waiting for the man underground type of music 1960 NTYC punk protopunk dark themes shock value nihilismconnection to avantgarde art world the beatles were considered art rock weird ironic abrasive and or harsh sounds started using word PUNK in 1974mostly centered in new york around CBGB club in the Bowery Television band first played there in 1974 a lot of punk banks couldnt get gigs so once finally did opne up punk blew up they had that in common The ramones set the template for laterpunk stereotypes musically when started hardly even play instrumetns they sucked they portrayed a more street thug kind of image funny songs but negative positive songs about drugs and controversial stuff i dont wanna be tamed image wasnt necessarily punk but it was kind of a mockery of preppy pepople motor rhythm eight notes short songs but it was pop in the sense catchy melodies lots of hooksuk punk defined punk internationally uk was different in sense more poor shitty economy more working classwhereas CBGB bands apolitical7 uk created the punk fashion uk punks hated 1960s and 1970s rockkey figure in uk MAlcolm Mclaren sex pistols manager mclaren enjoyed art side of music like warhol unlike warhol he was very political in his claims Mclaren was motivated by situationism along with the rest of punk sex pistols were formed from people coming to shop at SEX bondage gear johnny lydon rotten singer of sex sex pistols responsible working class anger of group because band formed by mclaren members hated each other made best sitaution for punk musicmclaren did best to make them look bad punk antimanagementdropped by two record labelsGod save the queen examplereleased god save the queen at same time as ryal silver jubilee cleberations AMerican independent amerindie1980s more hardcore didnt trust the music industrywhereas earlier nyc and uk relied on record labels amerindie DIY same time as ALternative music Amerindie founders said to be Black Flag pioneerd hardcore look and sound indepedent 1978 SST record label amerindie smaller cities like suburb of los angeles hermosa beach black flag toured all the time great networking and exxample for other bands blak flag skin head tatooes military lookvery antisocial rebellious harsh sounding in your face mashing
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