MUSI 1002 Study Guide - Final Guide: Cyndi Lauper, Cock Rock, Social Constructionism

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14 Jul 2014

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Hegemonic masculinity: a particular type of masculinity that is oriented towards strength, power, and dominance. It is an ideal which includes certain features such as aggression, courage, strength, self-control, rationality, independence, individuality, and sexual potency. It does not consist of passivity, timidity, fragility, delicateness, expressiveness, emotionality, needfulness, dependence, humility, and innocence. Pop considered as artificial and associated with women, where as rock was considered authentic and associated with men. This came from the ideas of frith and mcrobbie, specifically the article, rock and sexuality , which talked about cock rock vs teeny bop. Madonna was first considered very superficial and was compared to cyndi lauper in the early 80"s (lauper"s girls just wanna have fun and madonna"s like a virgin ). Her authenticity was later contested (she was seen as being engaged in politics of play, ie, the freeing and reconstruction of identity).