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Chapter SummaryChapter 13SleepWhat We Dream AboutJ Allan Hobson ActivationSynthesis TheoryThe cortex is bombarded with signals from the brainstem producing the pattern of waking EEGIn response the cortex generates images actions and emotions from personal memory storesDreams are personal but they have no meaningDreams as Meaningless Brain Activity ActivationSynthesis theoryp463ActivationSynthesis TheoryJ Allan HobsonThe theory suggests that during a dreamThe cortex is bombarded by signals from the brain stemthese signals produce the pattern of waking or activated EEPIn response to the excitationthe cortex generates images actions and emotions from personal memory stores In absence of external verificationothese dream vents are fragmented and bizarre oand reveal nothing more than that the cortex has been activatedHobson also proposed that On the basis of PETimaging results That part of the frontal cortex is less active in dreaming than in waking on the basis of PETimagine resultsDreams are personal in that memories and experiences are activated but they have no meaningThe dreamer may attempt to create a story line a meaning for the fragmented meaningless dreams after the factRmzakriSleep Neur2200Chapter SummaryChapter 13SleepThe frontal cortex controlsworking memorymemory for events that have just happened andattentionWhat We Dream AboutAnnttio Revonsuo Evolutionary HypothesisDreams are highly organized and biased toward threatening imagesDreams are biologically important because they lead to enhanced performance in dealing with threatening life events adaptive functionDreams are a coping strategyRmzakriSleep Neur2200
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