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Philosophy 1200 the Meaning of LifeSummer Term 2012Study Guide for the First ExamInstructionsThe first test for Philosophy 1200 will take place in the second half of our class on Thursday May 31 2012 from 79 pm On the test you will be asked to explain or describe or criticize a number of about 5 or 6 different concepts theories doctrines arguments or issues that we have discussed in the course so far Each of your answers should be approximatelyto 1 page about 200 words in length Of course some of your answers may be a little longer others a little shorter depending on the question you are answering There will be some choice perhaps 6 out of 8 but not too much The topics will all be selected from the list belowList of Topics1Explain as clearly as you can the nihilistic view of human life2Describe the metaphysical theory that underlies Schopenhauers pessimistic view of life3What arguments or observations does Schopenhauer offer in support of his pessimistic view of life4How convincing are Sch
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