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PHIL 1200

Philosophy 1200 The Meaning of Life Topics Instructions and Guidelines for Term Paper Summer Semester 2012Format No title page is needed just give the title of your paper your name student numberor if you prefer only your student number on the first page 57 pages 12001500 words in length 12 point font doublespacedDo not enclose your paper in any folderjust staple the pages togetherYour paper may not require any references apart from the course pack this depends on which topic you choose but if there are any I suggest you put them at the end of your paper You may use any standard format for thisjust make sure the reference is detailed enough for the grader to check it if necessaryAny Internet sources used must be cited with complete address as follows httpwwwsearchyahoocomDue DateThe term paper is due in class on Tuesday June 19 our last class of the course class Although I do not like to impose penalties for late submission fairness requires it A penalty of one mark out of 30 will therefore be deducted for each day your paper is late without any properly documented justification such as a medical noteTopicsChoose one of the topics given below explain it clearly and then critically discussevaluate it in detail In each case readings are indicated which are directly relevant to each topic Please show clearly on the first page of your paper which topic you are writing on1Discuss in detail whether Camus or Nagels account of the absurd is more accurate or plausible Readings 4 and 62Must human life have a meaning or a purpose in order to be valuable and worth living Why or why not Reading 34 by Cahn explicitly defends a negative answer to the question but many other readings in the course will be at least indirectly relevant to this topic Reading 14 by Baier section 2 is especially relevant to this issue3Do you think that the fact of death is on the whole a good thing or a bad thing Support your view by detailed arguments Readings 15 and 16 but you should be able to find some other useful sources as well4It has sometimes been argued that anything that possesses genuine intrinsic value and importance has to be permanent This view was held for example by Schopenhauer see Klemke page 116 and is also endorsed by William Lane Craig in Reading 9 If this view is correct then it follows that human life can have intrinsic value and importance only if there is afterlife Explain as clearly as you can why there might be thought to be a connection between somethings possessing intrinsic value and its being permanent and then discuss in detail whether this view is correct This issue is also discussed in Reading 13 by Baier Section 3
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