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TolstoyLate 19th century Russian novelistImportant literary figureMy confessions describes period of his life where despite already becoming famous he started havign a midlife crisisBrings himself out of depressive state by turning to Orthodox ChristianityAn arrest of lifeHe does not know how to live in his state of depressionArrests of life keep happening to himThe Fable of the TravelerHis way of capturing in a metaphorical form of the arrest of life he fell into and how he fell into itTraveler is travelling across a plane to a city but as he is crossing he notices a beast following himHe starts running to escape it but approaches an old waterless wellHe leaps into the well to not be attacked by the beastHe doesnt fall to the bottom because he grabs hold of a branch of a bush growing on the innerside of the wellNotices 1 It was a good thing he grabbed onto the bush because at the bottom of the well is a dragon 2 There are a couple of vicious looking mice who are gnawing at the root of the branch he is hanging on tooonly a matter of time until he falls into the jaws of the dragon 3 One of the leaves on the branch has some honey dripping from itAnalysisTraveler re
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