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Midterm Review Chapter 12Winter Semester 2014 PHIL 1301 CProf Nalini RamlakhanthFebruary 13 2014 Chapter 11 What is Philosophystudy of the mind Nature vs nuture outer material world and inner mental world the mind and its contens concisous experiencessense and external material world objects properties material objects primary qualities the characteristics secondary qualities philosophers do not ignore evidence they take the evidence from science and decide what to make of the evidence how should findings be interpreted Metaphysics Epistimology2 DualismWhat is the mind1Mind as a soul2 Mind as a part of the body3 Mind is a brainDescartes 15961650 FrenchPhilosopher metaphysicianTheory on physiology remains very influencial exposed to ancient philosophers plato aristole epictetus in schooling check what they are known for remembered for his method of doubt and formulation of the mindbody problem religious work showed in his philosophical workCartesian Dualism the dualism of substances minds are thinking substances bodies are extended substanceaRenee Descartes believed the mind and body are 2 distinct substances intimately related the dualism of substancesdistinction bt mental and material objects Material objects spatial occupy a location in spaceexibit spatial dimensions Mental states nonspatial experiences dont need to have exact location thoughts sensations
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