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PhilosophyWeek 4September 24th 2013PhaedoTo see the thing in itself you have to see the soul by itselfPhilosopher meditates on leaving the phenomenal world for the abstract world the good metaphysical questionstraining in being dead No evil in platos universe why everything that existsgood but there are things farther from the good Evilno thing Mortal failure Episto failure Opposite of goodmatter things that the world are made out ofclosest thing to evil Socratesnot afraid of deathlack of fear is by beliefs acquainted with world of forms death will a good and no evilmortality of formdifferent bodySuicide Although death is not evilgood you cannot simply commit the action Does his death in Phaedo count as suicide Descriptiveyes because he drank the poison but no cause he was asked to drink it Socrates believes in following the laws of the stateAttunementThe soul is simply an affect or an emergent property of the body Tuning Conducive to philosophy well ordered state of the soulPhilosophy of the mind epic pheno of the brain Phydius the body is like a human instrument soul is like an attunement that does not exist outside the body Soul is just the body in the state of an ordered function The mindthe brain not an extra thing epi phenomena w no reality but arises from the wellordered reinGilbert Wiler 1970s category mistake Provide something that is ABOVEBEYOND something that youve shown even though youve already shown itwhat is a mind analogy the brain doing what it does not a separate thingTheir is a mindsoul even when the instrument itself is damagedex Someone with a brain tumorcausality when soul exerts downwardbody dictates what the body does PhaedoHuman beings desires above our desires maybe Im a smoker but maybe I desire not to smokePlato desiremental phenomenonmental state if desire something it occurs TO ME subject if desire is mental isnt it part of the soul divides soul into three parts Intellectual survivesreborn eye chestThymos courage vulicient will Desirestomachlower sexuality appetite Intellectgoes into the next life others dontpart of us that survivesrational intellectualmathematical reasoningSocrates last words 118 A Remember sacrifice a rooster to the god of medicine and healthArticulated asPhaedosuccessorNatures interpretation Thanking the God for being cured of the sickness of life Lifesickness PhaedoSocratesbody has desirepain unless access to beautylove Socratesfinally healed by the form of death
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