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Limits of Privacy by EtzioniPrivacy Neither Absolute nor Highly ValuedSome kind of concept of privacy cherished by cultures around the worldPrivacy regularly weighed against many other goodsNumerous values that trump privacy has place in hierarchy comprising of other values is not the top valuePrivacy as a Legal Right A Recent CreationUS constitution does not mention privacyoHas only been made into constitutional right in 60soForged around reproductive rights right to use contraception in marriage Griswold case and right to abortion Roe vs Wadeth4 amendment protection from searches by governmentoVery explicit that the right is limited one by needs of communityoOutlaws only unreasonable searchesMore and more legal searches that require no warrantoSearches at airportsoDrug testing train engineersoField sobriety checkpointsAfter 2001 Attack on the HomelandWhat is considered reasonable changes as conditions changeoDuring SARS Canadians forced to 10 day quarantine if have symptoms basically house arrest without be suspected anything illegal but still acceptedoPatriot Act 2001 can tap not only one but all instruments someone owns if suspected for foreign intelligence purposesoInformation sharing between various intelligence and lawenforcement agencies new thing before not permittedoHouse can be searched without knowledge of homeownerNot everything is accepted as reasonable after 911oOperation TIPS proposed by Bush dealt with spying on each otherLess PrivacyLess GovernmentWhat is in the common good
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