PHIL 1550 Study Guide - Reproductive Rights, Financial Privacy, Operation Tips

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14 Jul 2014

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In some ways privacy better protected than ever: technologically, increase means of surveillance, including cameras, satellites, wiretaps, emails, tracing orders and heat censors, because the means of attack have increase, so have the means of defense. High power encryption, encrypted information much more private than non-encrypted information. Access and audit trails: record identity of people who access files. Legally: main source attacks on privacy in last decade from private sector, laws that control how much information federal government can collect, but doesn"t apply to private sector, new laws prohibiting sale medical records. Were used by employers to ensure not hiring someone with bad genes". Also used by banks to call in loans when someone had expensive medical problems: several laws enacted to better protect financial privacy. Whole way of life, rights and liberties. Where does privacy come from: technology, can both increase and decrease privacy.