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PHIL 2003

Answers to Exercises on Causal Fallacies1Post hoc is the best answer but unjustifiably rejecting the possibility of coincidence often accompanies this fallacy as in this example 2Reverse cause and effect Presumably it is the violence in America that is largely responsible for the violence on television especially in the news3Common cause To some extent also reverse cause4Complex cause The introduction of computers reduced the use of paper for the purposes of storing information but increased the use of paper for the purpose of display resulting in a net increase in the amount of paper used The author thus has a very incomplete grasp of the impact computers have had on the use of paper5Complex cause also reverse cause given that racism is clearly a cause of segregation6Post hoc selffulfilling prophecy7Post hoc8Complex cause The author is making simplistic assumptions about the cause of sexist attitudes toward women and the cause of sexual assault Just bc people who use pornography often have sexist attitudes doesnt mean using the pornography causes the attitudes Similarly the fact that sex criminals often possess pornography doesnt demonstrat
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