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PSCI 1000 Winter Exam Notes

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Carleton University
Political Science
PSCI 1100

PSCI1000A Notes Theories of International RelationsRealist ApproachMain Claim States must protect own power balance of state power is key to preservation of peaceExample Neville Chamberlain signed a peace treaty with Nazi Germany claiming peace in our time A year later Nazi Germany invades Poland beginning World War IILiberal ApproachMain Claim Peopletopeople interactions preserve peace must be facilitated by international law and dispute settlementExample European Union and peace through interaction Economic and political interaction between democracies brings peaceMarxist ApproachMain Claim IR reflects the capitalist world order international conflicts tend to have economic foundationExample Use of asbestos is illegal in Canada but is mined in Canada and then sold overseas Corporate interests shape foreign policy concerns of citizens do not countConstructivist ApproachMain Claim There is no objective reality IR can be understood only if we ask how actors view their worldExample Donald Rumsfelds known unknowns International OrganizationsInstitutional features of IOsTypes of internal processesIntergovernmental Interactions between governments or foreign ministries of the member statesSupranational Activities by IO personnel not acting as memberstate representativesTransgovernmental Interactions between lowerlevel administrative actors of the member statesTransnational Interactions involving nonstatenonIO actors eg interest groups or corporationsNote IOs always have an intergovernmental element the importance of the other elements may varyCore institutions of the UNGeneral Assembly Representative body composed of all 193 member statesSecurity Council Executive committee of 15 member states 5 permanent 10 rotatingSecretariat Administrative body carrying out daytoday work headed by Secretary General
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