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Political Science
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Psci1100 Sept 19 2013 BehaviouralismLook at peoples behaviour theyre motivesTrying to look at demands from society and converting them into laws and decisions and how they feedback into societyBringing back the state back inThey argue you just cant look at statistics and we cant look at individuals eitherPeople make decisions bounded decisions Making decisions with institutions and known structures History behind decisions and influence the actorsIt brings looking at structure and looking at behaviour together Compares revolutions there are still acting from old decision makings People making decisions as they used to before same mannerPost behaviouralismTakes critiques of behaviouralism and applies themRecognize there is no grand theories and not making grand laws on individuals actionsWe have to recognize the state more and its not just societys impulsesPost modernismDeconstruct these theories we built up throughout these yearsBreaking things apartEliminate these edephysDeconstructing words language how we use words in Poli Sci deconstruct the impulseEverything you think you know you dont know rethink againRational choice TheoryApplication of economic theory to politicsThe main assumption is that individuals are rational selfmaximizer so we can study the individual there self interest and we will understand politics and understand the motions why people do the things in politics Just by understand your selfmaximizerNew InstitutionalismQuestioning where do preferences actually came fromChallenges of ComparisonDifficult to control for variablesnot enough of countries to make it reliable samplenot all countries are similar to each other
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