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Political Science
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Hobbes The New Science of Politics INTRODUCTION1Historical Background Scientific Rev Reject Aristotle1664 trying to come up with a science that is universal such gravity The divide in religion between protestant and Catholics causes conflicts social disorderkill the kingsick of military tyranny gotten rid of citizen army and the leader aristocracy decides that this ruling is harmful to them and they go and get the kings son Charles the second decide to run democracy establish the rule of law they put the king back on the thrown Hobbes is writing in the restoration period common law or roman law it has no truth to it anymore after all the social chaos Hobbes is going to find a law through science not through the past divine law etcWe need to re understand what the state is 1 Hobbes rejects Aristotle and Socrates politics is going to be defined by what man really is deconstruction of laws morality etc No sense of common purposeA Descortes Radical Doubt and Resolutive Compositive MethodI think therefore I am moral subjectivityB Bacon advancement of learning experimental method utility and productive knowledge knowingmakingbacon takes the Christian charity improvement of the natural world better one self Hobbes find new politics in the basis of utilityC Mechanical Universe matter in motion physicsthe force and counter forceindividuals are treated as matter in motionforce and counter force HB no different than rest of the world made up of simple materials world as we know it is through experimental empiricalD Empiricismsense impression to Aristotle it is a cause of error because all senses point to different thingsAristotles science is rejected reject the cosmology of the classical world and building up a new natural worldno purpose in nature just matter in motionE Unity and identity everything is material composite of simple to complexAristotle parts of nature had a hierarchy now Hobbes everything is the same no hierarchy of being no status society ex king slaves etc All HB are free and equals F Universal
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