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Political Science
PSCI 2301

History of Political Thought Key Terms2 GlauconSocrates student prominent throughout Republic Wanted to know what justice and injustice are Says justice necessary evil we use to avoid others injustice Tells famous Story of Ring of Gyges which gives invisibility and even a just man would act unjustly when free from consequence5The Myth of the Metals A myth all people born from the earth this gets people to be loyal to the city state that they are from Each type of person is of a different metal and the metal is in their soul gold is for the elite who are meant to rule Silver were meant for auxiliaries they are the warrior class and assist rulersIron an bronze are the producers This creates class system no intermarrying and usually bronze parents produce bronze kidsnot always8FaithReason All about faithReason is a virtue that can be disciplined by will selfdenying duty is the highest virtue RevelationFaith gives you power to use power of reason NOV 2027 Notes11 OligarchyA form of rule where a small number of people are in charge Predominantly the most powerful are in charge rule by the rich Money corrupts politics and men 14 Natural Law Law that is determined by nature therefore it is universal Law of people varied from place to place but the natural law would be the same everywhere Morality is a function of human nature A perfect city is one in accordance with nature Later it was accordant with the divine law 17 The Remnant20 Aristocracy Rule by philosopher king who is wise Less individual rightsIn Platos aristocracy here is we would see the myth of metals played out He decides what level in society people is put 3 levels of classes Bronze and iron cannot own property The philosopher will not abuse his power since he is since he is knows about true virtue23 O Kaloskathos The chivalrous ideal of the complete human personality harmonious in mind and body foursquare in battle and speech song and action 26 ThoughtAction29 The City of God Sack of Rome led to Romans blaming it on the abandonment of pagan Gods St Augustine wrote The City of God and refuted these claimsFour main themes Church state City of god and city of World Church is divine leads to goodness state creates political communityCity of World and God are invisible societies Citizenship lies in ones heart Those of God are those who devote themselves to god and church are going to Heaven Those of city of the World enjoy earthly pleasure and are going to HellTemporal city is common godly city is rareTemporal city is lust greed
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