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PSCI 2602 Theories of GPE Chapter 1 January 17 2014Theory is very simple in a general sense and does not be to be difficult to understandTheory is very important and we cannot function without itIts about how the world works and use it to make sense of what happens around usYou make certain assumptions of how the world works and you end up with conclusions about what things mean and how the world works Theory is what we make sense of what happens in the world and is important to make sense of the social world In GPE society is very complex and we ask questions like why do countries go to war Why did the financial crisis of 2005 happenHow theory explains events How is the 1997 Asian financial crisis explained differently by competing perspectives What do liberals and other perspectives think about itWhat caused itWhat was most significant about itWhat lessons could be drawn from the experienceAny answer you give to those questions is going to be based on a theory You may not recognise it at first and could be inconsistent with other questions Theory helps stay consistent when answering questions ex use the liberal approach to use all questionsAsian Contagion of 1997Video from the documentary Commanding HeightsDeals with Liberalism and scholars such as Hayek and John Maynard Keynes Thailands economy was in a freefall and had money lent to it from the IMFEventually the loan did not work and Thailand asked the US for helpThe US refused to get involved because they misjudged the situation by believing that Thailands economic fall would not hit the rest of AsiaEventually money began to flow out of Asia due to investors pulling out Around 116 billion dollars was pulled out by investors
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