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Political Science
PSCI 2701

Participant or nonparticipant oParticipant become full members of the groupoNon participant do not become a member of the group ask and get permission to Overt or covertoovert know they are being observedocovert researcher is hidden and does not reveal their intentions Structured or unstructuredoStructured systematically looking for something and every time one sees it is recordedoUnstructured everything is considered relevant later on one can distinguish what is important or unimportantField researchBehaviour occurs in a natural situation Primary goaloWhat the activities mean to the people engaged in themoMental institutions admitted gets to get information tells of what goes down from and insider view CharacteristicsoDirect observation in a natural situationoNot unusual for someone to live in the setting that they are researching oDont have to live with themspend a lot of time observingoPerceptions can be different from your own observationsoSome people might not be willing to fill out a surveyComplete participantCovert active participantDeceivingMay not be able to have access to all information cant go nosing around etc oMay have better luck with a researcher statusPretended to want to be like them depends Risky
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