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Policy design and InstrumentsSo what is Policy DesignPolicy Design Is about choosing the most appropriate instrument to deal with the policy problem as it has been defined in order to achieve a given policy goal Policy Design as a mix of InspirationdefiningFraming the policy problem and offering creative solutions and TechniqueDetailing the toolsinstruments to be used and bundling them together into programsPolicy design is creative and technical but it can also be thought of as a mix of art and circumstance Ex Creative examples include the use of shaming via CybershameBut with this said policy design can usually judged according to itsEffectiveness getting the job done rightEfficiency getting the job done right with the least amount inputsTherefore Policymakers are deliberate in their selection of policy instruments And to help advance this task policy analysts have constructed policy instrument typologies to clarify the choices available to policymakersTypologies For Doern and Phidd 1992 instruments could be categorized along a continuum of legitimate coercion in essense the application of force backed by lawThese categories are thusSelfregulationThe delegation of the state regulatory power to a nongovernmental organization or private associationExhortationThe use of information resources to make direct appealsExpenditureDisbursement of moniesRegulationThe generic category of policy instruments that rely on the governments capacity to command and prohibitPublic ownershipPropertyassets owned by the state ex commercialbusiness properties
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