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Class 4 notes -policy theory..docx

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Carleton University
Political Science
PSCI 3204

Class 4 notesPolicy theoryPolicy Contentincludes Problem definition policy instrument and policy goals Problem DefinitionProblem definition is likely the most important aspect of policy content Problem structuring is a central guidance system or steering mechanism that affects the success of all subsequent phases of policy analysisRegrettably policy analysts seem to fail more often because they solve the wrong problem than because they get the solution to the right problem Dunn 2008policy problema substantial discrepancy between what is an what should be Derryincludes three components reality the desired state of affairs and a gap between themPolicy problems as a spectrum Pal 2010 suggests that we can think about problems as residing on a spectrum ranging from invisible to obvious When a problem is invisible it often takes an external shock of some kind to bring it into policy discourse When a problem is obvious it is likely so welldefined that responses are obvious and uncontroversialIn most cases a policy problem resides somewhere in the middle of this spectrumApproaching problems from the perspective of an analysttraditionally focused on getting policy right and avoiding mistakesToday it is increasingly more popular amongst policy analysts to think of a problem in terms of representationthank you constructivismFor Pal the reality is that problems
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