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Carleton University
Political Science
PSCI 3204

New Public Management and CanadaRemember New Public ManagementFive principles 1Critical of traditional bureaucracies2Questions whether government should be involved in policy area from outset3Implementation stresses nongovernmental sector and publicprivate partnerships4Attention to outcomes performance and accountability5Looks to hybrid forms of delivery that have flexibility and a sharp distinction between policymaking functions and executiveservice functionsNPM in Canada Although Canadas adoption of NPM principles was significantly less forceful than in other countries the federal government launched a series of initiatives that took into account the principles of this approachPS2000 1989 PSPublic ServiceProgram Review 1994Getting Government Right 1996Results for Canadians 2000Public Sector Modernization Act 2003 Management Accountability Framework 2005PS2000 a 19891993 federal public sector reform initiative inaugurated in 1989 which had three core objectives better service improved personnel management and flexibilityThrough these objectives PS2000 aimed to shift public sector thinking away from a philosophy of control to a philosophy of empowermentOne conclusion while public servants wanted to provide good service the system as a whole did not encourage it 300 recommendations but not much impact in the end Getting Government Right A progress report 1996 that proposed four strategies1Clarification of federal rolesresponsibilities2Better targeting of resources to high priority issues3Bettermore accessible governmentAnd 4 More affordable government
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