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Political Science
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PSCI 3402

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Class 8 Risk Topics RiskEmergenciesCrisesThinking about systems under pressureRiskprobability of an event with negative consequences key dimensions are level of probability and severity of riskis an increasingly prominent component of public policy in recent years Three factors have elevated risk on the public policy scene over the past decade911 sensitizes most actors public and private to riskA rise in insurance costs has made risk not just a matter of policy but a collective matter of avoiding risk to lower costIncreasingly there is less tolerance within democracies for small errors that lead to negative implicationsComponents of Risk in public policy 1A question of probability2A question of scope3SubjectivityishRisk assessmentWhere policy is concerned risk is assessed according to environmental scans using four key factorstype of risk ex security environmental safety etcsource of risk ex terrorists oil leak etcwhat is at risk ex city habitat wellbeing etclevel of ability to control the risk ex military HAZMAT etcEnvironmental scans occur at two levelsInternal organizational personnel resources etcExternal PEST political economic social technologicalEmergencies and crisesRisk is thus closely associated with two similar but different conceptsEmergency an abnormal and unexpected event that requires immediate actionCrisis a turning point or moment of danger that threatens the survival of an entire system
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