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STILL NEED WEEK 3 5 6 7 8 9 11PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME BESIDE WHAT WEEK YOU WILL BE INSERTINGHello fellow PSCIersThis document will be used to collaborate on concepts and theories for the essay questions in the final exam There is just enough people to cover every week so make sure you contribute to be fair to the other studentsThanksGood Luck There will be a study group today at 200 room 423 of the Library WEEK 1LectureImpulses and traditions lecture notesWhat is Canadian FP Idea of the American lackey Close relationship with USVarious factors surrounding the development of Cnd FPHistorically illdefined in Canada More aspirational than practical Vague in language used by both policymakers and academics Principally forged in a nexus of three overlapping political environments domestic international and governmental government bureaucracy branches of power which influence policymaking on different levels Its not a simple process FP is shaped by different factors and actors FP straddles boundaries of domestic and international politics We need to understand constraints of the government the structure of global political economy FP considers issues of system eg TRIPS negotiations process and change eg Idle No More movementConcept of Canada as a Middle soft PowerMiddle power means being below the great powers but above developing nations Still important role Canada is playing in multilateral relations because of its geographical location It seeks to develop strong multilateral regimes that would provide an alternative rulesbased mechanisms for ensuring world order Canada always wanted to constrain great power rivalry Austria and Sweden are also good examples of middle powersCanada recognizes that it doesnt have much influence on the international level However it does have influence in groups like G20Historical practice of pragmatic participation in Canadian FP Securing autonomy from the UK settling bilateral dispute with US avoiding clashes with other nations after WWII League of Nations issue Canada was successful in killing LNs ability to deliverTrying to shape the rules that govern global economy was the critical issue that influenced Canadian participation in multilateral institutions Canadas economy depends on international trade so agreements like GATT favour Canadian economy Canada is interested in free international tradeIs the concept of Middle Power still useful after Cold War and 911 when US shifts more towards unilateral action on the international arena Yes its still useful However this idea has been socially constructed Aspects of economic integration in North AmericaAnother big impulse in Cnd FP is the relationship with US Without some institutional structure Canada will be overwhelmed when dealing with US on its ownTwo contending perspectives continentalism increased economic integration with US would allow Canada to prosper setting economic barriers between CanadaUS and the rest of the world nationalism feared the unfettered integration with US on Canadian values and sovereignty196080 continental perspective dominated in FP 1965CanadaUS Auto Pact Tokyo round of GATTCanada US FreeTrade agreement and NAFTA Reflection of preexisting economic trends As a result Canadian economy dramatically shifted from its traditional EastWest orientation to NorthSouth orientation between 198195 Since 1988 Accord unprecedented economic dependence from US One of the outcomes of this was that Canada had shifted to a remarkable closeness with the US foreign policyWEEK 2What is Canadian Foreign Policy lecture notesFP has been influenced by multilateralism and socalled Canadian exceptionalism relationship with US Remarkable closeness to US foreign policy under PM Harper Is it new or dramatically different from historical practiceNew multilateralisma web of bilateral treatiesCanada is a peacekeeping nation spending less than others members of NATO on defenseTheory and FP analysisA theory is just an interpretation of reality Laws and crises expectations and causality When expectations are reaffirmed theory grows stronger The stronger the theory is the more the chance that it will be thought as something natural it becomes the law If something happens such a crisis something atheoretical this law becomes evident as a theory Theory becomes
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