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PSCI 3805

Racism is unfortunately a very real part of our history and we have to understand how and why it originated and what it resulted in afterwards In the textbook The Politics of Race the authors use Canada United States and Australia as examples tomake us more aware about the issue of racism and race regimes these countries have a lot in common but racism took a different shape in each country This essay will review and summarize chapters one and two of the textbook which talk about race regimes that were created in each of the three countries and what came afterThe authors begin the first chapter by showing how the United States Canada and Australia reacted to the issue of apartheid in South Africa Despite racism and race issues being a bigger deal in Australia and the USA the three countries believed that the South African government had no right in granting white skinned citizens more privileges just because of their skin colour It is important to note that racism is an issue that has been around for a long time in North America and Australia the efforts to erase racism politically however began only in the 1960s but even so repealing laws alone proved to be insufficient for eliminating racismThe Authors believe that if we are to end racism it is important to understand that racism was institutionalized in the three countries but even so it is sometimes met with strong resistance and denial for example very few Canadians realize that the South African apartheid system was partly based on what the Canadian governments used to control the indigenous people and iexploit their land An important argument in the book is that it is extremely important to realize the harsh truth about the history of racism in this country if we are ever going to defeat racism it is also important that racism doesnt necessarily mean it was a system where all white skinned people had privileges for example in Canada the Frenchspeaking population suffered discrimination from the white British rulePolitical science tells us very little about racism when a group of police officers exercise violence against nonwhites it was considered a fault of the individuals and not a consequence of state actionsBut is it true Do the states policies have no effect on racismNow we can understand why the authors of the book chose the US Canada and Australia these three countries are considered racialist states meaning that they are based on race regimes which they established through British colonialism Race regimes are political systems of
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