PSCI 2301 Study Guide - Physis, Techne, Baud

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14 Jul 2014

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25 terms and 3 long answer questions, each one building off the last. An ensemble of cultures with varying degrees of melding. Civilizations have fuzzy , porous_ boundaries, that expand and contract over time and are thereby, flexible. Civilizations are in varying degrees___ tolerant, accessible, inclusive, urban and cosmopolitan_. _ _ Verb form, colere = to till, to guard, to tend, to respect. Therefore, culture is associated with the particular as opposed to the universal, to the provincial as opposed to the urban, the rustic as opposed to the sophisticated. The function of the private is housekeeping (=g. That which is necessary for life, production, through labor and reproduction through breeding. The private realm(=household) consists of a man, woman and children, and, perhaps slaves. On leaving this realm one crosses the threshold (=boundary)o end enters into the public, a. k. a. , the bright light of appearance", a realm that is potentially both public and political.

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