PSCI 3204 Study Guide - New Public Management, Sponsorship Scandal, Managerialism

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14 Jul 2014

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Questions whether government should be involved in policy area from outset. Looks to hybrid forms of delivery that have flexibility and a sharp distinction between policymaking functions and executive/service functions. Although canada"s adoption of npm principles was significantly less forceful than in other countries, the federal government launched a series of initiatives that took into account the principles of this approach: Ps2000: a 1989-1993 federal public sector reform initiative inaugurated in 1989, which had three core objectives: better service, improved personnel management, and flexibility. 300 recommendations but not much impact in the end. Getting government right: a progress report (1996) that proposed four strategies: 2 better targeting of resources to high priority issues. Dunleavy argues that this is best understood by thinking about npm as three broad themes: Incentivization (splitting up the bureaucracies) (introducing puchaser/provider separation in the public sector) (moving to specific performance incentives) angencification breaking up government departments into quasi-autonomous agencies with more flexible management practices.

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