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Introduction to the Study of PsychologyPSYC1002 Sections BVthJanuary 10 2014Goals for todays classIntroduction to the courseThe course outline the web site evaluationChapter 9 IntelligenceDefining Intelligenceacross culturesTesting Intelligenceexamining biasEnvironmental Influences on IntelligenceTypes of Intelligenceemotional IntelligenceFrom the textChapter 9 IntelligenceWhat is intelligenceWhat is IQHow do we test peoples intelligenceHow do we ensure that we have a good test of intelligence What are some of the problems with intelligence testing What do we know about the extremes of intelligenceWhat are the genetic and environmental influences on intelligenceHow might intelligence tests be raciallyculturally biasedWhat are the different theories of multiple intelligencesIs creativity a part of intelligenceWhat is creativityThe Goals of This CourseUnderstanding human nature and behaviourIntroduction to the field of PsychologyTheory Research MethodsClinical practicePSYC1002focusing on Psychology as a social scienceDeveloping more and better questionsbased on evidenceUnderstanding the relation between psychological theory and the scientific methodbased research process for testing those theoriesCourse OutlineWeb siteCourse Outline is available on our course web sitewe are saving trees by not printing these out your grandchildren will thank youRead about the various components of the courseknow the deadlines ie Midterms Final Examthe GradeRaising OptionsInstructorChristopher Motz please call me ChrisEmailChrisMotzcarletoncaemail is the best way to contact meOfficeA824 LoebOffice HoursMondays 1200100Thursdays 10001200 I am also available to meet by appointmentplease feel free to email to arrange a time to meet CoInstructorChristine FrankEmailChristineFrankcarletoncaOffice 304 Social Sciences Research BuildingOffice HoursTuesdays 1200100 Fridays 1200100 also available by appointmentSending an emailIdentify yourselfWhat course and section are you inEditMust use your Carleton email accountMeet the team Teaching AssistantZack Van Allen Emailzackvanallencmailcarletonca Office hours are by appointmentWill be organizing study sessions prior to each examThe TextbookWeiten WMcCann D 2013 Psychology Themes and Variations Third Canadian Edition Nelson Education LtdNote to you Paying attention to section headings will help to organize the material Evaluation Midterm ExamsMidterm One 25 stSaturday February 1 from 900 to 1100 amCovers chapters 910 and the accompanying lecture materialMidterm Two 25stSaturday March 1 from 900 to 1100 amCovers chapters 1112 and the accompanying lecture materialBoth are NONcumulativeBoth are multiplechoice formatLocations TBAEvaluation Final ExamFinal Exam 50During Exam PeriodThree hoursMultiple choice formatCovers chapters 13 14 1516 and the accompanying lecture material The final exam is NONcumulativeEvaluation Grade Raising OptionsGrade Raising Option 1 OPTIONAL
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