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PSYC 1001

Chapter 7 Memory 20122013 Professor Kin OThe Three Processes of MemoryEncoding involves transforming information into a form that can be stored in memory Forming memory code for example when we form memory code for a word we emphasising how it sounds looks and what it means This will enhance our ability to remember the information Encoding requires attention Storage involves keeping or maintaining information in memory Storing is complex our memory change over time Store alone will not help us to remember the information we need to be able to retrieve the information Retrieval occurs when information stored in memory is brought to mind AttentionAttention is seen as a filter to determine things we will remember and those we wontWe remember what we focus onDebate regarding location of filter 1 Earlier selection theory meaning that stimulus are screened out early during sensory input 2 Later Selection theory That stimulus is screened out later after the brain has processed the meaning or significance of the imput Location of attention filter is flexible According to Lavie the location depends on the cognitive load of information processingWhen we are involved in complicated task that require much of our attention capacity selection accurse earlier When we are engaged in simpler task more of our attention is over to process distraction stimulus Cocktail Party PhenomenonSuggest we filter info late in the processwe can block info out and only pick up on that which has meaning to usntionLevels of Processing HypothesisAttention is not enoughwe need to process information at a deeper level if we want to remember if for a long time
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