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PYSC Exam Study NotesChapter 6 LearningClassical conditioningPhobia irrational fears of specific objects or situations Eg Fear of flying fear of spidersLearning change in behaviour or knowledge that is due to experience Eg Dentist drill noise making you scared Change in behaviour every time you hear that noiseLearning can shape personal habits Eg Nail biting emotional response etcConditioning learning associations between events that occur in an organisms environment Classical conditioning a stimulus acquires the capacity to evoke a response that was originally evoked by another stimulus Ivan Pavlov he discovered dogs that were accustomed to getting meat powder would start salivating before the meat powder was present Example salivation to a click sound that was present when delivering the meat powder Ivan accomplished pairing a tone to meat powder thus everything the dog would here the tone the dog would assume there would be meatStimulus replacing another Unconditioned stimulus UCC a stimulus that evokes an unconditioned response without previous conditioningUnconditioned response UCR unlearned reaction to an unconditioned stimulus that occurs without previous conditioningIvan Pavlov experiment with the meat and salivation is unconditionedCS and CR are conditioned Eg Ivan Pavlov experiment with tone and meat Elicited relatively automatic and involuntaryTrial classical conditioning consists of any presentation of a stimulus or pair of stimuliClassical conditioning plays a key role in shaping emotional responses such as fearsAcquisition initial stage of learningExtinction gradual weakening and disappearance of a conditioned response tendency
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