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PSYC1001 Mock Final Exam for Fall 20091Lindas mind seems to race from point to point never staying in one place for long She is checking cash receipts while at the same time remembers that she has not shopped at a particular store in a while She no sooner considers the store than she begins thinking about what she will be getting to eat This process is referred to asathe collective unconsciousbselective attentioncconsciousness in fluxdsubconscious awarenessestream of consciousness2Slowwave sleep refers toaREM sleepbAlpha activity in the braincSleep stages 1 and 2dSleep stages 3 and 4eThe sleep spindles that occur during stage 2 sleep3If you wanted to induce visual hallucinations in your roommate you couldaAdminister a drug that inhibits the REMON neurons in the PonsbAdminister a drug that inhibits the effects of the serotoninsecreting neurons in the PonscAdminister a drug that stimulates the serotoninsecreting neurons in the PonsdBoth A and B are possible correct answerseBoth A and C are possible correct answers4Studies that demonstrate a hypnotic blindness effect lend support foraIndividual differences in our level of suggestibilitybA Dissociation theory of hypnosiscA Sociocognitive theory of hypnosisdA Fantasizer type of response to hypnosiseAn Indirect type of suggestibility5Which of the following is NOT one of the possible criteria for a Substance Abuse DisorderaTolerance ie a need for increased amounts of the drug in order to achieve the effect or a diminished effect if the same amount of the substance is usedbSubstance use that results in a failure to meet major role obligations at work school or homecSubstance use in situations in which it is physically hazardousdSubstance use resulting in substancerelated legal problemseContinued substance use even though it is causing social or interpersonal problems6SomnambulismaRefers to a sleep disorder where the individual suddenly feels an overwhelming need to sleepbRefers to a sleep disorder where the individual regularly stops breathing while asleepcIs the name for sleepwalkingdIs the name for sleep talkingeRefers to a sleep disorder where the individual is unable to reach REM sleep
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