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PSYC1001Q_Introduction to Psychology I_John Weekes_Fall 2011( Entire Class Notes, Very Useful)

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PSYC 1001
John Weekes

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Psychology Week Five Stress Health and Coping Chapter 13Biopsychosocial Model Physical sickness is caused by the interaction between biological psychological and sociocultural factors Health Psychology Concerned with how psychosocial factors impact health and with how illnessis caused treated and prevented Stress Things that threaten or look like they could threaten your wellbeing andbecause of that hurt your ability to cope ex Threat could be physical safety or reputation etcTypes of StressAcute Stressors short duration and clear endpoint ex Exam Chronic Stressors long duration and no clear time limit ex DebtFrustration pursuit of a goal is thwarted ex Failures and losses not gettingto an interview on time or losing your phoneConflict two or more incompatible motivations both trying to be expressedat the same time three typesApproachApproach Conflict choice between two attractive goals exPizza or spaghettiAvoidanceAvoidance Conflict choice between two unattractive goalsex Back pain or surgeryApproachAvoidance Conflict choice between whether or not youshould try to achieve a goal that has both attractive and unattractiveelements ex Ask your crush out on a date fear of rejection Life Change big changes in your life that require you to readjust dont haveto be negative ex Death of family member moving to a new home Pressure expectations that you behave in a certain way ex Comediansunder pressure to make people laughResponses to StressEmotionalCommon responses annoyance anger anxiety fear sadness griefBroadenandBuild Theory of Positive Emotions Positive emotions change peoples mindsets making their creativity and flexibility better in problem solvingPositive emotions can undo changes of negative emotionsPositive emotions can lead to good social interactions that help build social supportPhysiologicalFightorFlight Response autonomic nervous system readies you forattacking or fleeing from an enemyGeneral Adaptation Syndrome model of the bodys stress responsethree stages Alarmwhen sensing threat Resistancewhere coping efforts start Exhaustionwhen stressfighting resources run outBehaviouralCoping active efforts to master reduce or tolerate stress can beadaptive or maladaptive ex If youre flunking you might increase yourstudy efforts or give upLearned Helplessness passive behaviour from having to deal withunavoidable negative things Aggression anything thats meant to hurt someone physically orverballyCatharsis release of emotional tensionIndulging Internet Addiction lots of time online cant control itDefence Mechanisms unconscious reactions that protect someonefrom poor emotions like anxiety and guilt Defend against emotional discomfort Use selfdeception Conscious and unconscious Theyre normal Not always healthy ex AvoidanceConstructive Coping healthy efforts that make people deal with stress Confront problems Be realistic Recognize disruptive emotional responses Make sure youre not vulnerable to the effects of stressEffects of StressImpaired Task Performance PsychologicallyBurnout physical and emotional exhaustion cynicism less interest in your own wellbeing PostTraumatic Stress Disorder PTSD longlasting psychological issues that happen because of a major traumatic event ex War car crash Psychological Problems ex Insomnia problems having sex Positive Effects ex Learning new skills reevaluate prioritiesEffects of StressPsychosomatic Diseases physical illness as a result of stress or other Physically psychological issues ex High blood pressure ulcers Coronary Heart Disease less blood flow to coronary arteries Atherosclerosis gradual narrowing or coronary arteries
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