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Carleton University
PSYC 1001
Kim Hellemans

Chapter 7 Lecture Notes Multiple Choice Questions1There areprocesses involved in memorya1b2c3d42How does information get into memoryaStoragebEncodingcRetrievaldEncompassing3How is information maintained in memoryaStoragebEncodingcRetrievaldEncompassing4How is information pulled back out of memoryaStoragebEncodingcRetrievaldEncompassing5Forming a memory code is known to be which process of memoryaStoragebEncodingcRetrievaldEncompassing6Recovering information from memory stores is known to be which process of memoryaStoragebEncodingcRetrievaldEncompassing7Maintaining encoded information in memory over time is known to be which process of memoryaStoragebEncodingcRetrievaldEncompassing8The Nextinline Effect is an example of the in encoding and is requires a person toaThird Step casually interactbFourth Step pay attentioncFirst Step pay attentiondSecond Step casually interact9A selection of input is known asaSelective AttentionbDivided AttentioncIntense AttentiondChoice Attention10 is like a filter it screens out most stimuli allowing only a few to get byaMemorybProcessingcAttentiondEnriching11Which phenomenon suggests that selective attention is afiltering responseaCocktail Party earlybBar Hopping latecHouse Party earlydCocktail Party late12Attention involvesselection based on the aLate meaningbEarly meaningcLate attractiondEarly sound13Where are all the other stimuli that are being filtered out goingaBeing registered deep in the subconscious mindbBeing registered in long term memorycNot being registereddNone of the above14It is hard to focus on encoding one type of information while performing some other task is an example of
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