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PSYC1002Chapter 10 MotivationInvolves goaldirected behaviourPsychologicalDriving force which humans achieve their goal with Drive TheoriesDrive is an internal state of tension that motivates one to engage in activities that will reduce this tensionRelated to homeostasis as tension disrupts equilibriumDrive reduction is when an individual takes actions to reduce this tensionInternal states of tension push people in certain directionsModel of NeedDrive Sequence Need is biological Drive is psychological Negative tensiondrivemotivegoalIncentive TheoriesExternal stimuli regulates motivational statesExternal stimuli pull people in certain directionsIncentive external goal that has the capacity to motivate behaviour ExpectancyValue ModelMotivation to pursue actions depends onoLikelihood of attaining the incentiveoThe value of the incentive Drive is within the organismIncentive is in the environmentEvolutionary TheoriesMotives are products of evolutionNatural selection favours behaviours that maximize reproductive successBiological motives bodily needs such as hunger that are limited and universalSocial motives social experiences such as achievement that are unlimited different for everyone and done through learning and socializingNeed TheoriesNeedcondition within the person that is essential and necessary for life growth and wellbeingEnergy persistence and direction of peoples behaviour depends on peoples needsPeople are born with a limited set of needs that can be developed learned and socialized through learningPhysiological psychological and social needs exist Need StructurePhysiological Needs inherent within the working of biological systems ex hunger thirstPsychological and Social Needs arises from personal experiencesSLIDES The Range and Diversity of Human MotivesBiological Motives people all share the same biological motives most of them are essential to survive ex hunger motiveSocial Motives can acquire an unlimited amount of these motives through learning and socialization ex achievement motiveMurrays Theory of NeedsNeeds determine behaviourNeed refers to a readiness to respond in a certain way under certain circumstancesPrimary needs based upon biological demands biological needsSecondary needs psychological needs that focus on emotional and mental satisfaction psychogenic needsMost people have needs for achievement autonomy affiliation dominance exhibition and powerStrengthimportance of these motives depend from person to personThe hierarchy of needs is individual to self List of Murrays Psychogenic NeedsNeed forRepresentative behaviorAchievementSuccess Accomplishment and Overcoming obstaclesOrderMaking things neat and orderlyDominanceDirecting others behaviorAutonomyStanding up to authority independenceRecognitionDescribing accomplishmentsAffiliationSpending time with othersNurturanceTaking care of another personAchievement In Search of ExcellenceAchievement motive most important motiveNeed for achievement is a stable personality aspect thus there are individual differences in achievement motivationThematic Apperception Test people look at ambiguous pictures of scenes that are up for interpretation and this reveals personal motives and traitsPeople who score high in need for achievement work harder and more persistently handle negative feedback on work more effectively more futureoriented more likely to delay gratification in order to pursue longterm goalsTendency to pursue achievement depends on
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