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Psychology OutlineChapter 13 Stress Coping and HealthRedDefinitionBlueImportant PointsGreenImportant PeopleContributionsAccording to Anniston and others expose to stress is common and may lead to physiological and psychological changes and some of these responses are adaptive 1Biopsychosocial ModelPhysical Illness is caused by an interaction of biological psychological and sociocultural factors2Health PsychologyHow Psychosocial factors relate to the promotion and maintenance of health and with the causation prevention and treatment of illness3StressAny Circumstance that threatens or is perceived to threaten ones well being and that thereby tax ones coping abilities aStress has a Cumulative NaturebThe Feeling of Stress depends upon how one interprets a situationcStress is subjective and lies in the eye of the beholderdAcute StressorsThreatening Events that have a Relatively Short Duration and a clear EndpointeChronic StressorsThreatening Events that have a Relatively Long Duration and No readily apparent Time Limitf According to Anniston and Merali an individuals response to a stressor is a function of a number of factors including the type of stressor and its controllability gA study of hospitalized patients awaiting surgery showed only a slight correlation between the objective seriousness of a persons surgery and the amount of fear experienced by the patients Studies show that anxious neurotic people report more stress than othershStress has also been shown to decrease the immune response the bodys defensive reaction to invasion by bacteria viral agents or other foreign substancesdecreasing white blood cells called lymphocytes The featured study in the text explores the effects of stress on contracting the common coldij4 Types of StressiFrustrationIn any Situation when in which the Pursuit of some Goal is thwarted1Failures and loses are two common types of frustration that are often highly stressful 2Loses can be specially frustrating because people are deprive of something that theyre accustomed to havingiiConflictWhen 2 or More Incompatible Motivations or Behavioral Impulses Compete for Expression1ApproachApproach ConflictChoice must be made between 2 Attractive Goals2AvoidanceAvoidance ConflictChoice must be made between 2 Unattractive Goals
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