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Chapter 15 Treatment of psychological disorders How many types are there1 Insight Therapies talk therapy in the tradition of Freuds psychoanalysis Clients engage in complex verbal interactions with their therapists The goal in these discussions is to pursue increased insight regarding the nature of the clients difficulties and to sort through possible solutions2 Behavior Therapies They are based on the principles of learning behavior therapists make direct efforts to alter problematic responses and maladaptive habitsTheyworkonchangingclientsovertbehaviours3 Biomedical therapies Are based in involvements into persons biological functioning Like electroconvulsive shock therapyInvolveinterventionsintoapersonsbiologicalfunctioningoOnescalefoundthat57ofmentalhealthpatientsweretreatedwithmedicationonlyupfrom44justnineyearsearlierWho seeks TherapyAccording to the recent US Surgeon Generals report on mental health 1999 about 15 of the population uses mental health services in a given yearThe two most common presenting problems are anxiety and depressionPeople vary considerably in their willingness to seek treatment with women more likely to seek help than men and people with higher educational levels doing so more frequentlyMedical insurance is also related to treatmentseeking having it increases the likelihoodMany people who need help dont seek it and the Surgeon General reports that the biggest roadblock is the stigma surrounding the receipt of mental health treatmentTherapists Who Provides Professional Treatment Psychologists Two Typeso1 Clinical Psychologists and counselling psychologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders and everyday behavioural problems Clinical training emphasizes the treatment of fullfledged disorders o2 Counselling psychologists training is slanted toward the treatment of everyday adjustment problems Traditionally psychologists had to earn doctoral degree PHD PsyD EdD to practice A doctorate requires 57 years of training in psychology beyond BachelorsPsychiatristsoAre physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment psychological disordersThey treat every day behavioural problems In comparison to psychologists they devote more time to relatively sever disorders and less time to everyday marital family job and school problems
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