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Introduction to the Study of Psychology PSYC1002Final Exam Study GuideNOTEThis is intended as a general guide to help focus your studying effortsYou are still responsible for reading the assigned chapters and attending the lecturesThere will be questions on the midterms and the final exam that cover material from the textbook and from the lecturesNot everything in the textbook is in the lectures and not everything in the lectures is in the textbookHowever there is some overlap between the textbook and the lecture materialthus it is tough to say exactly what percentage of the questions come from either the textbook or the lecturesBut a good general rule would be to assume that 40 of the questions are lecture questions and 60 of the questions are textbook questionsThe Final Exam will cover the material in chapters 13 14 1516 from the textbook and the accompanying lecture materialGeneral TipsThere will not be questions that test knowledge of datesIn general there will not be any questions that test knowledge of namesThe few exceptions are noted belowFor these few names I will not specifically test the knowledge of the namerather I will be asking you about their research and ideasThere will not be any questions that ask about specific numbers for prevalence rates for example figure 145Lecture MaterialAll of itNo datesNote for each chapter listed below some of the bullet points come from the textbook and some come from the lecture material and some bullet points refer to bothYou will know which is which by paying attention to the various headingsChapter 13 and lecturesWhat is healthHow do we study Health ie different approachesWhat is stressWhat is involved in the experience of stressWhat are the various sourcestypes of stressHow are these either buffers against stress or risk factors for negative consequences in response to stressoPersonality factors Type A Type B Hardiness Personal ControloEnvironment Major Life Events Daily Hassles Frustration Conflict Change PressureoSociocultural Factors Acculturation PovertyHow do we respond to stressHow might this differ for some peopleTheoriesModels of StressoAppraisaloEmotional ResponsesoPhysiological Responses including Hans Selyes General Adaptation Syndrome as well as brainbody pathwaysoBehavioural Responses this includes giving up striking out indulging defensive coping and constructive coping
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