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PSYC 1002

Chapter 14Psychological DisordersThere is a life time prevalence rate for suffering from a disorder 51 is abnormal normal 51 is probably under reported1700 and 1800s people with mental disorders were treated with mental shock therapy lobotomy bleeding to death putting snakes on them burning themHistorically people with mental disorders were treated in very barbaric waysPsychological disorders are now seen as a disease Medical model develop a system to diagnose to treat to prognosisBut then we get into labels concerns involve stereotyping treated in a prejudicial way because of your disorderTo diagnose a person there is 3 criteria that must be assessedoDeviantis it outside the norm can be subjective and vary culture to cultureoMaladaptiveis it causing or impairing normal function causing problems in school relationships workoCausing personal distressis this a problem for youoIs it chronicHow long has it lasted3 Dominant myths oDisorders are incurablesort of true with a few disorders yet to find treatments with good effects for a few eg psychopathy sex offendersThat being said a lot of the disorders there are many treatments that do workoPeople are violent if they have a psychological disordernot true typically they are less aggressive unless they have some specific disorders where violence is a characteristicoPeople behave in very bizarre waysif half of people have a disorder most people dont behave abnormallyPrevalence Causes and CourseEpidemiologyrefers to the distribution in a population of a disorder Pie chart whatpeople have a disorderPrevalence of people who will suffer from a specific disorder in a certain time periodLifetime Prevalenceof people who suffer from a given disorder in a life time 51 of people suffer from a mental disorderDiagnosisidentifying and categorizing the disorderEtiologythe causesPrognosisforecast of the course of the illnessThe Classification of DisordersthDSM 4 Editionthey add disorders to itYou dont have to memorize the axis know what each axis doesAxises are tools that help diagnose different disordersAxis Idiagnoses Clinical SyndromesBiological FactorsImbalance of GABANeuroticismanxiety moodiness worry envy and jealousy
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